because of climate change and the increasing traffic load . By the bicycle pass the environmental awareness of the people to be strengthened and thus a positive contribution to the environment are done - simply drive through bike. Every cyclist can share his sports awareness and positive contribution to the environment in the community.

Just as fast as you can be traveling with e-bikes and Pedelecs , developers and designers are in the laboratories of the e- bike manufacturers go. Also for 2012, in terms of technology , design, and done a lot of models . Electric bike online shows the most important trends and
highlights the pedelec 2012 season.

Equal first: E-Bikes and Pedelecs are the trend of excellence on the bicycle market. The Euro Bike 2011 was dominated by the electric mobility and both visitors and visitors on Open House went off in full on the topic of electric mobility. Best evidence : the pedelec test site outside of the show was always very well attended. " Would you offer as a testing ground for racing bikes , the resonance would certainly rather poor ," says an industry insider .

The tender shoots E-Bike/Pedelec has become a hardy tree , the ever evolving. ElktroBIKE Online has looked at
the latest trends and highlights for you at the fairs in Friedrichshafen ( EUR bike ) and Munich ( Bike Expo ) . Show on this page and in the photo spread , and we will explain the main developments in e-bikes and Pedelecs - so they know where the journey goes in 2012 .

The main trend of the 2011 season already set to continue : Diversity ! There are now far beyond the classic shapes addition, MTB bicycle pedelec for heavy terrain , road bike pedelec , single -speed e-bikes , load - pedelec , pedelec folding and, and, and . Also, the designs are more versatile in 2012 and also wild .

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